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Offshore Agency

Casper Shipping has developed a strong understanding of the differing components of the offshore marine industry and the need it has to have a reliable agent who can effect a quick turnaround, adapting to any obstacles that can often be thrown in the way of a mobilization/demobilization.

We constantly strive to provide tailor made logistical solutions in order to meet the ever increasing demands of this high pressure industry, and we are committed to being the offshore agency of choice through our excellence of service.

We provide Offshore Agency Support to a varying number of sectors including FPSO’s, rigs, deep sea tug owners, offshore support vessels, renewable energy in the UK.

  • Warm and Cold Stacking of Jack-up Rigs
  • Mobilization/Demobilaztion
  • Vessel┬áReporting and Clearance
  • Freight Forwarding
  • BS:EN ISO9001:2008 Quality assurance System
  • FONASBA Quality Standard Agent
  • Company and individual membership of Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
  • Full ITIC P&I cover
  • Casper Agency Watch – A bespoke, comprehensive and secure wen based operational system
  • SEDNA – Email management system

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