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Our Vision & Mission

· Our Vision & Mission · 

To be the leading independent ships agency in the UK.

Our Vision 

Casper Port Agency aims to be the leading independent ships agency in the UK, setting a new standard of personal service in the sector.

Our Mission 

To draw on our vast experience to shape the future and offer a proven always-on service, wrapped in a practical hands-on approach.

Our Values

Drawing on the past, looking to the future.

Casper Port Agency has weathered every kind of storm imaginable, from the lows of the great depression to the boom of the offshore industry, through the rip-roaring twenties and the fog of two World Wars – Casper Port Agency’s excellent service and reputation never wavered.

We are seasoned veterans, worldly-wise and forward looking. Nothing says confidence like 145 years of experience, it gives our customers peace of mind and allows us to solve problems instinctively. But despite being steeped in history, the systems behind our service are cutting edge. Able to keep clients informed with a steady flow of up-to-the -minute information on ships and cargo wherever they may be. We continue to forge a path to the future by diversifying our offering, creating independent port to port collaborations through Multiport and investing in the next generation via High Tide.


One thing that hasn’t changed in all our years in shipping is our exemplary personal service. We always stay close to our business and close to our clients, never afraid to jump in and get our hands dirty when the need arises.

We’re big enough to mean business but small enough to care. Despite our expert reputation and vast experience, when it comes down to it, this is a people business so we rely on our personnel to make it personal. At our heart we remain a family business and our clients are treated as an extension of that family. They place immense trust in us and we reward that trust with unmatched personal service. We pride ourselves on our reassuring, friendly approach and should the worst happen, we take it all in our stride, calmly and quickly reacting to find a practical solution and keep the clients informed.


24 hours a day, every day, without fail.

We are always on, always ready, always there. This should be a given in our business but for many this isn’t the case. For us it’s a promise. When you entrust us with a vessel we will pour all of our experience, all of our knowledge into taking care of that vessel. For us that means having someone available and ready to respond 100% of the time. For our clients that means total trust, complete confidence.