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About H.C Shipping and Chartering Ltd

H.C Shipping and Chartering Ltd. prides itself on professionalism. Both Mark Harrison and Mark Collins are qualified shipbrokers, a fellow and a member of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers respectively. The team was further strengthened in January 2003 by the arrival of Rob Fitz-John, also a fellow of the Institute (who retired after 10 years service in 2014) and in 2004 when Kristian Barford joined the team (now based in our Dutch office)

We take our profession seriously. If you need legal advice it is sensible to speak to a qualified lawyer and so if you want to charter a ship you would be well advised to speak to a qualified shipbroker for exactly the same reasons.

The company specialises in the short sea market in sizes from 1000 up to about 25000 mts and in all types of dry cargo commodities including Steel, Coal, Animal feed, Fertilizer, Sugar, Grain, Scrap and project cargoes. Our area of trade is predominantly Northern Europe, the Baltic, Mediterranean and Black Sea but it is not limited to those areas and increasingly includes Transatlantic, US Gulf/Eastern Seaboard, Africa and Pacific.

Since the company’s formation, the volume of business we handle has increased year on year. We are actively involved in all areas of the short sea market on a daily basis and consider ourselves well placed to constantly adapt in an ever-fragmenting and diversifying business.

The Chartering department has almost 90 years worth of combined experience and over this time we have accumulated an enormous amount of knowledge. We think it is useful that we can share our practical experience and expertise in the numerous trades you now see us operating in.

We feel our company must now rank amongst the strongest in its field. Perhaps unsurprisingly we believe that the shipbroker has an important role to play. That role is constantly evolving but we are experienced enough to recognise that we have to add value to the equation and we will continue to adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

That’s who we are and what we do. We would be delighted to hear from you.